The following is an abstract on the study of pharmacokinetics of mitragynine in man. The full study can be viewed at


To understand this study, it is important to know what Pharmacokinetics means. In pharmacology it is the discipline focused on the process and movements of drugs within the human anatomy. The study was conducted to see how the main alkaloid in ultra enhanced Indo kratom moved through the body, and it was concerned with the effects on each organ it came into contact with. A table was formed, which will be linked to at the end of the abstract, to display the results of the study. Kratom contains many alkaloids besides the most abundant one, which is Mitragynine. The other alkaloids the Southeast Asian tree contains include 7-hydroxymitragynine and speciogynine. Mitragyna speciosa is the botanical name for the commonly known tree and substance called Kratom. It is native to Malaysia, Thailand and all over Southeast Asia, and it produces kratom leaves, which are especially potent with the alkaloids mentioned above.


Since the study was done in Thailand, it was especially interesting to learn how it was approved. The Thai government has made kratom an illegal substance, so to get the approval of the study done by the Institutional Review Board of the Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital and Mahidol University, the test subjects had to essentially be considered kratom drug addicts. This is because it is considered highly unethical to perform a study like this on healthy people. Thailand’s FDA provided to the Kratom necessary for the study. Finally, different doses were used to study the two objectives. The first was to study the movement of the main alkaloid through the body, and the second, and lesser objective, was kratom’s effect on pulse rate and blood pressure.

Study Protocol and Specimen Analysis Summary

It’s critical to read the full study for the details of each listed item.

Study Protocols

1. Kratom tea was prepared using white vein kratom powder.
2. A period of interviews and other critical steps were taken with the subjects prior to the study’s start.
3. Finally, the study began, which led to the specimen analysis.

Specimens Analyzed

1. Chemicals were analyzed.
2. Blood and urine tests were done.
3. The tea was analyzed separately.

Final Protocols

1. Liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry analysis
2. Pharmacokinetics and statistical analysis

Result Tables

The tables featuring the results can be found in the full study or directly observed by clicking here for the first of six result tables.

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