I had been involved in addicted cycles for more th an 20 years of my life. I hit rock bottom only a few years ago. I was so low in spirit that I could not have possibly gone any lower. I had lost my job, my fiancé and my home due to the addictions. I decided to get clean when I had nothing left, but I still had a whole lot of healing to do after I stopped using.

At that point, someone told me about Narcotics Anonymous. He said that I would get to meet other people who had been through the same struggles that I had been through. He said that I could live my life according the 12 steps, and I would see a significant change. I can honestly say today that NA has changed my life and helped me to stay clean. Here’s how:

Placing Me With Supportive People

NA helped me immensely by connecting me with supportive people. The people that I met in the meetings all had the same goal that I had, which was staying clean. Finding my first meeting was easy. I visited the online website and used the locator tool to find a meeting within five minutes. I felt very comfortable sharing my experiences with like individuals. I started forming friendships with people that I met in NA instead of keeping existing unhealthy relationships alive.

Connecting Me With Sponsors and Accountability Partners

I met sponsors and accountability partners through NA. Those people have acted as my support systems through the process. I called them whenever I need encouragement or inspiration. They made me feel as if it was okay that I was imperfect, and they helped to prevent me from falling.

Directing Me to Look to a Higher Power

The 12-step program helped me to seek healing from a higher power. Reading the steps every week made me realize that my character was defective and that I needed to look outside of myself and realize that I had limitations on what I could achieve. Something peaceful occurred when I finally surrendered and allowed my savior to reconstruct my character and place me on the path to recovery. I would recommend NA to anyone who wants to make changes toward a better life. I am nothing like I used to be.